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    getpreviewbitmap on uncached files

    Jim Hayward

      Hi all


      First post so please go easy on me! I've found a lot of great stuff on these forums but can't find the answer to this particular issue.


      I'm an api novice using vba, and I've been piecing together a system which links our ECN system to solidworks, to make the whole experience a bit more user friendly.


      I'm using getpreviewbitmap to retrieve a thumbnail, but this seems to be only successful if I have the file cached. Therefore in order to make sure the pic is retrieved for any file in our vault, I'm having to run some extra code to get latest version first. For our larger assemblies this is time consuming and I'm hoping it can be avoided somehow? In the normal vault view i just click on the file I want and the preview appears pretty quickly. I would ideally like my code to run as fast as this if possible!


      Any help greatly appreciated