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    texture on spline tube?

    Damir Galic


      is it possible to attach a texture on tube so it would be radial to axis of the tube? I know visualize would need to determine how the tube goes... but assuming you want to add stainless steel braid mesh to tube there is no proper way to do it.

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          Ron Bates

          Before you import it into Visualize, you need to apply a textured appearance in SW and set it to "Surface" mapping. This will set up UV's that work reasonably well.  Not perfect, but it might suffice.  Bear in mind you may need to add multiple instances of surface mapped appearances across different faces.


          The texture you use in SW is somewhat irrelevant... you can change it to whatever you like after import to Visualize.  The key is to use Surface mapping so there are UV's that generally follow the tube (likely a sweep feature...)



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              Damir Galic


              This needs to be implemented in visualize independant of solidworks...

              Also I just noticed after doing some weld textures it would be nice if you could select a line or a tangential loop on witch texture would align to.

              Also instead of typing width of texture there should be an option to select a line and set texture X/Y to line length.