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Best Practices for inserting and assigning Terminals

Question asked by Lynne Toland on Jul 18, 2018


I am having issues with the terminal blocks in my project.

I initially started by adding terms individually for each of my signals going to terms. For example, I have a bank of  Power Supplies, and on the outputs I added terminals for example:







Each wire has an Equipotential Signal like PS1 +24, PS2 +15V, etc.


At this point, I don't know what kind of terminal blocks I will be using, how many connection points the term part number will have, or how many terms I am going to need for each signal.


Now, later in the project, I know just about how many terminal connections I have, and I know which terminal part number I will be mainly using. (PHX 3211797 which has 4 connection points) I may also use special terminal block part numbers for certain other circuits (like ground) which may have 2 connection points.


But the terminal blocks in the tree show 1 connection for each instance of a term. (Please see the attached "term screenshot")

I want to consolidate them so there are 4 connection points under each terminal instance/part number. Like in this case I want to see F1-TB-(LF2) number 1 contain 05-4-B, 04-8-D and 04-8-D locations under one part number. See attachment "good term screenshot".

The only way I could do this was to delete the second 2 terminals and re-place them and attach them to the Number 1 position.


Is there a better way to do this, or is my whole approach wrong?


Terminals get added, moved, removed, changed a lot in the early design, so I really prefer to sort them out once the design is fairly stable.


Thanks in advance,