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Urgent - Steel and Aluminum Brackets

Question asked by Belal Abdullah on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by Jim Riddell

Hello My dear , I am new user for this software

I need to analysis steel and aluminum brackets by solidworks  ,

The attached brackets fixed on concrete by anchor bolts and the legs fixes on the web by welding and aluminum mullion fixed on brackets by through bolt (Bolt and nut


kindly find attached file and please i need your support to draw and analysis same the idea of this brackets :

- How we can define anchor bolt fixed with concrete or how we can define the support to get accurate results  .

- Is necessary to make the legs in one part and legs in another part or i can make one part from start .

- If i make attached brackets in one part when i convert to assembly it is convert to one part and i can't make the edge welding .

- When i make the edge welding i receive message (Edge weld connector should belong to faces of structures bodies or sheet metal bodies )

- How we can design the through bolts and analysis the edge welding .


Please i need from The expert engineer to send to me how they can simulate this one .01.jpg01.jpg07.jpg06.jpg05.jpg04.jpg03.jpg02.jpg