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Tab & Slot on multiple instance part problem

Question asked by Paul Novakovich on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by Frank Ruepp

Hello there!


I'm experiencing something rather annoying with the otherwise great Tab & Slot feature. I hope someone has discovered a fix/workaround for this or that I'm just missing something.


When I have multiple instances of a part in an assembly and I go in to configure a Tab & Slot feature on one of them. The Tab gets copied into the other instances of that part, but those copied Tabs do not have corresponding Slots like the first part. This is difficult to explain so let me attach some images:



Here you can see what I am failing to explain verbally. The two beams are identical and Tab & Slot feature creates Tabs to both of them, but Slots for only the primary one.


2018-07-16 (1)_LI.jpg

Closer look at that. You can see the bodies intersect in the red section.


2018-07-16 (2).png

Green section closeup.


2018-07-16 (3).png

Red section closeup.


2018-07-16 (4).png

A better picture of my beam. Note that I only did the Tab & Slot feature once on one of the beams which creates Tabs on the individual part file itself so that when I've got multiple instances of that part in my assembly, the actual feature is not implemented in each of them as I would like. Now that there is a Tab I could just sketch and cut Slots on the opposing part (end plate in the pictures) but is there a more convenient way to somehow have the Tab & Slot feature multiply itself along with the parts?


Thanks in advance!


As a side note I would like to mention how horrible it is that when you create a part or assembly on a SolidWorks platform that is configured in Polish language, that language follows along with the file. There should definitely be some basic words (default names that the software gives parts) that are then translated to the software user's language automatically unless the name is customized, of course. This is a big issue when you don't speak the language of the country the parts originate from.