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Cannot Move parts within assemblies

Question asked by Ryan Delacourt on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2018 by ömür tokman

Hi all,


Recently I have not been able to move components within assemblies by means of dragging on screen from holding down the RMB on my mouse.


→ All parts are Floating (i.e. not fixed)

→No mates are assigned restricting any translational or rotational movement.


The only resolve that I have is to use the "Triad" feature and indicidually move the component on one axis and plane at a time.


I also noticed that often the mates wont respond. I am sometimes able to mate flat faces coincident to one-another succesfully but i will follow up with a second mate (i.e. two edges paralell with one-another). But the assembly will not react.


Has anyone experienced this before? I was able to tolerate it for the first day, but now its really starting to get to me.