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    CSWA - Simulation

    Vamsikrishna Reddy Chintha



      Recently I have taken my CSWA - Simulation exam. In the exam one of my question is asked to compute the displacement and stress at a point in Y -  direction, where I got a negative displacement. Do I need to enter the value with a negative sign or do I need to enter with the positive sign.


      Appreciate your response in advance.

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          Craig Girvan

          hi, I'm sure you must put the negative symbol (if the value is negative) as this would determine wither you got the answer correct. What I mean by that is if the correct answer is -100mm for example and you type 100mm then you technically have the wrong answer is it could mean that is something wrong with your setup or you read a value wrong and the part is deforming in the wrong direction and you should therefor get the answer wrong. I'm also basing this from exams I have done in the past that asked for things like centre of gravity or other value that could have a negative and I always put the "-" when applicable.