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need some help with a special cut

Question asked by Nick Gvk on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by LIN SHAODUN

im trying to make a  cut into a part

and i cannot seem to get a solution for the cut


tried a few different method`s but none i can get to work


here is the part


closed i came with it is this



i tought i could cut it with a boundry cut and it also shows it wil cut like i intend
but it wil not do it



here is another attempt with more profile`s

this wil allow for working boundry cut


but as u can see it does not resolve for some reason

so then i started trying to use different functions within boundry cut

but none of them wil resolve into something i can work with

same within the loft cut function

also surface functions dont seem to want to do this




with my tail between my legs i ask for some help


i use solidworks 2014