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Computer Running slow with Solidworks.

Question asked by Andy Crabtree on Feb 26, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2014 by George Writ
Ok this is weird, my computer has ran Solidworks great. I mean it's awesome. Now for some reason these past 3 weeks it has been running slow. Opening an assembly it takes 10 min to load(assembly is no bigger than what i have ever done) so that shouldn't be doing that, drawing file won't zoom without freezing or not loading and crash, and now yesterday it was freezing up in the assembly and then crash. I looked at the task manager and it says my memory usage was 800K. the other computer in the office has 180k of usage. Why all of the sudden it start working that way, what can i do to fix it. I run crap cleaner everyday, clean my temp folders with cookies too. and i defrag all the time to try and keep everything running smoothly. Please Help, this is getting annoying.