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Simulation of Electrical Contact Spring

Question asked by Peter Dratwa on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2018 by Peter Dratwa

Hello there!!

I am designing a electrical contact spring. And also comparing it with actual result from testing Setup. From simulation i am getting Resultant force as 1.4 N and from actual testing of same Contact spring with measuring device i got the 0.8 N. Can anyone explain why is the difference so much ?

I know there is some tolerance between actual geometry and input geometry in solidworks, because of manufacturing tolerance. But i measure it from optical device which gives you accurate result. Also friction between punch and contact is difference (In simulation and in actual case). Can anyone  help me out with it? how much difference should i expect ? Or how can i improve my model ? I am using stress strauin curve as input material model for Von Mises Plasticity. Which i measure from tension test experiments.

Thanks in advance.