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Scale Issues When Converting .SLDDRW to .DWG

Question asked by Peter Keillor on Jul 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by Ruben Balderrama

Hey There!


I'm currently on CAD duty, and I've got a ton of .SLDDRW drawings to convert to .DWG. Most of these SLDDRW files have multiple sheets, so I'm looking to export each sheet into a single DWG file where possible. Most of the SLDDRW files have a common scale throughout them, though some have scale changes; I know that I'll have to save these separately.


However, what I'm confused by is that when I go to save a given file (that has a consistent scale) as a DWG, I do the following:


     - Save As .DWG

     - Under options, I enable a scale output of 1:1, using the sheet scale (in this case, 1:6.5), enable merging, export all splines as polylines, and export all sheets to one file.


When I open the resulting .DWG, the first page is in model space, and the rest are in paper space, looking like this:



Is there any way to fix the hilariously oversized result that I'm getting here? Every other sheet that exported to paper space is the exact same. I'd really prefer to not have to save each sheet as a separate file!


Any help is appreciated


- Peter