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SW crashes every time I draw my first line.

Question asked by Alberto Grasso on Jul 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by Alberto Grasso

Hello everyone,

I started to use SolidWorks2016* today, and I have this simple issue: as I click to draw my first sketch line, circle, point... the software crashes, every time.

(* 30-days free trial version)


I already activated Rx/System manteinance, then cleaned up, optimized and errors-checked my Local Disk, and restarted of course. But it still doesn't work.


Here are my system properties:

System properties.PNG


And here my display card properties:

Display Card.PNG


Furthermore, here attached is a small clip of what happens.


I hope I've been exhaustive enough to make you help me to work this problem out. If you need more details, please tell me.


Thank you very much !