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    Fred Santos

      Hello to all of the Group.

      I'm detailing a project in Solidworks 2016 and I have a problem.

      The final client already has their layer standardization and I created all the layers as the project should be done, for example, the external lines should be cyan and the dashes should be red.

      When I select, the entire block changes only to one color, and the child lines do not change.

      Does anyone know how to modify all drawing lines?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Layers aren't the way to go for this in Solidworks.  You need to set the desired colors at Tools > Options > System Options > Colors.  (I personally think that's one of the settings that should be in Document Properties instead of System Options, but that's another story.)


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              Fred Santos

              Hi Glenn, tank you for the tip.

              Taking advantage, I would like to know how to put some items with other layer, existing type, new, being that in my assembly have items that are new and existing.
              When I select it, everything changes to the selected layer.
              about the detailing in Solidworks, the courses I took did not abort this as a very important item.
              Thank you very much in advance