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Question asked by Steve Krause on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2018 by Steve Krause

My work flow is to bring a SW assembly into Composer and output an .SVG that I bring into CorelDraw.

I then in CorelDraw Ungroup all and immediately go to the line properties and set it to Scale with Object.   This allows me to scale everything to fit to the page size and get the same ratio of line weights if I have to scale the objects in Corel.  

But it still seems that the ratio of the .svg output from Composer has to do with how zoomed in or out the image was in the Composer viewport when I do the save from the workshop.  If I am zoomed out the outlines look very bold relative to when I output when the image is not zoomed out.  It makes it hard to set a consistent output from one product drawing to another.


I see the same results whether I set the Composer Document properties > Paper Space > Format > Viewrport ratio or Letter.


Is there some way to get consistent line weights from the SVG output?


Steve Krause