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How do I finish both ends of a thread profile when the profile goes from major diameter to minor diameter?

Question asked by Justin Roskowske on Jul 12, 2018
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What I'm trying to do is figure out a way to combine these two into a single feature where the thread begins on the minor diameter and ends on the major diameter. The problem I run into is creating a pinch point if I do a Swept Extrusion or a sharp edge if I use a Swept Cut.


I'm working on a model that uses American Buttress threads to match a component that we purchase.


The profile starts at the major diameter before it tapers down to the minor diameter.


If I do a swept cut, I can easily do a thread lead out. If I do a swept extrude, I can easily do a thread lead in. I am unable to combine the two into something that works.


Here is a photo of the swept cut and the thread lead out.

major diameter thread lead out.PNG


Here is a photo of the swept extrude and the thread lead in.

minor diameter thread lead out.PNG


Here's a photo of the final profile that I need to put this thread on.



I'm having a hard time combining the feature onto the final profile which will transition from the minor diameter at the start of the thread to the major diameter at the end of the thread.