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Equation in BOM QTY?

Question asked by Boris Ostrovskiy on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2020 by Rob Edwards

I have some parts in the BOM that should not have numeric QTY (ex. epoxy, tape, etc..)

I found a solution on the forums:

1) Add "AR"="Yes" property to the part

2) Bom QTY column is driven by equation: IF(`AR`="Yes";"A/R"; 'QTY.' )


This works well but I would rather have a "AltQty" property and equation: IF(`AltQty`<>"";'AltQty'; 'QTY.' )

This way if AltQty is assigned "A/R", then "A/R" shows up in the BOM qty column. Or some other text is assigned to "AltQty"

If nothing is assigned or property doesn't exist, then regular QTY is pulled.


The results I get are:

Parts without "AltQty" get assigned correct QTY

Parts with "AltQty" have a blank cell, no text...




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