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Laptop Specs

Question asked by Jason Hogue on Feb 25, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2009 by Jay Andrews
After installing SW 2009 on my laptop and finding out that my machine is no longer adequate, I need to look into buying a new laptop.
Before people jump in and say "Buy a desktop", I need a laptop due to the travel I do, so desktops are not an option.
The machines I have been looking at are the Dell Insperion M4400 and the M6400. (will consider other options but my company has only Dell at the moment)
I am also looking for a machine to last me around 2yrs if possible.

I have a couple of questions I am hoping that people more informed than I can help me with.
1. What is more important, CPU, RAM, Video Card or a combination of all???
2. Is QUAD core CPUs a requirement or a want. The price is these processors seems a bit excessive and I would prefer to avoid these if possible.
3. Has anyone had any experience with the following graphics cards:
- nVidia FX 770M
- nVidia FX 2700M
- nVidia FX 3700M

I generally work on the theory that with computers you buy the best you can afford but as this is not my money that I will be spending, I need to justify the expense.

If I need to spend upwards of $7k with a quad core M6400 then I would like to know that it is necessry or can I spend $5k on a M4400 with the FX770M card, X9100 processor (say) and 8Gb of ram and know that the machine will perform.
(If dell could send me a couple of trail machines that would be perfect but I don't think that will happen)

Currently I am working with models with between 1,000 & 3,000 components, with a physical size of up to 300m, but generally 23m in length (9m wide).

I understand that SW has a list of certified cards but there is a difference between what SW will run on and what it will run well on.

Any input &/ advise is appreciated. If more info is required please let me know and I will provide what I can.