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    Custom CMM Data Import Template

    Peter Pankras



      We just got inspection Pro 2018 and cannot seem to find any documentation about this topic.


      We use both CMM's and Video measuring devices.


      The Video measuring devices can output their data as a .csv or and excel sheet.


      I like to be able to read that data back into inspection.


      None of the templates that come with Inspection seem to work with the data, so I figured that I need to create my own template or modify an existing one.


      When searching for documentation for Inspection, all I can find online at Solidworks about CMM Data management Import is this

      "Search 'CMM Data Management Import' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base."


      But knowledge base comes up with nothing.


      Does anyone know of any more information about this topic and or an example of how and what to modify to get a working CMM data import template.

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          Alessandro TORNINCASA

          Hi Peter,

          and welcome to the SOLIDWORKS forums.


          My suggestion would be to go through the quick start PDF which you can find in this folder:

          C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS Inspection\PDF\en

          On page 44 you can find the portion related to CMM data import.

          The tutorial files used are in:

          C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SOLIDWORKS Inspection\PDF\Tutorial

          That particular example covers PC-DMIS.


          My suggestion would be having a look at PC-DMIS template and the three .txt measurement files provided with the tutorial.

          Attached PDF gives some guidance on how to setup the template for PC-DMIS, and this will help you get familiar with the logics behind CMM templates.

          You can then extend that logic to make up the template for your machine.


          Finally, if you're still having trouble, you should contact your VAR who I'm sure will give you some guidance.


          Best regards,



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              Peter Pankras

              Hi Allesandro


              Thank you for your answer.

              This is somewhat helpfull.


              I figured I have to configure my own CMM template, but there is no clear overview of what every field does.

              I'm currently trying to get the output from the videomeasuring device in.

              It outputs a csv..  but I cannot get inspection to understand what to get out of it.


              I'll attach a data file from the machine here in case anybody want to help out..  and I will also ask my VAR.

              But the available information is scarce to say the least.

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              Satheesh Kumar Ganeshan

              Hai Peter,

              Once after ballooning we have the output file from CMM either in the format of .txt or some other format.

              We can import those inputs inside the inspection standalone version.

              Once after import, we need to specify whether it needs to assign according to the item number, min, max tolerance or nominal value.

              It shows the results in color coding that which values are all passed and failed.

              This data is also comes along with the report, when publish in to excel.


              Satheesh Kumar G

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                Peter Pankras

                We got it sort of working with help of our VAR who asked SW directly to help out.

                They setup a custom import for our video measuring machine that seems to work.

                Since we are in the process of finding out what measuring machines we want to invest in this process is on hold.


                I find the documentation of Inspection really lacking..  for the more complex stuff you cannot find anything in the help or online.

                And I don't want to constantly call support to help me out.

                So a more in depth help file would be really appreciated