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Custom CMM Data Import Template

Question asked by Peter Pankras on Jul 13, 2018
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We just got inspection Pro 2018 and cannot seem to find any documentation about this topic.


We use both CMM's and Video measuring devices.


The Video measuring devices can output their data as a .csv or and excel sheet.


I like to be able to read that data back into inspection.


None of the templates that come with Inspection seem to work with the data, so I figured that I need to create my own template or modify an existing one.


When searching for documentation for Inspection, all I can find online at Solidworks about CMM Data management Import is this

"Search 'CMM Data Management Import' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base."


But knowledge base comes up with nothing.


Does anyone know of any more information about this topic and or an example of how and what to modify to get a working CMM data import template.