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    Connector forces calculation

    Sinma G.

      Applied only axial load of 3000 lbf on bolt connector. why connector forces show shear and bending too? How solidworks calculate shear and bending moment? pls help!


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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Sinma,

          The report data is good but you may garner more attention and possibly an answer to your question if you were to share the model and study that made this data.

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            Ryan Navarro

            There's a series of YouTube videos SOLIDWORKS made describing some behind-the-scenes functionality of Simulation in depth. They have videos specifically for Bolt Connectors you might want to check out:


            SOLIDWORKS Simulation Step-Up Series: Bolt Connectors Part 1


            If I remember correctly the software models the bolt connector as a 1D beam element, and applies a thermal shrink effect to incorporate the preload effects. Because of this approach I suspect it's always going to show some non-zero (but often negligible) value for shear and bending moment.


            In your case your shear value is only a few precent of your axial preload.


            Shear or bending moment could be due to your geometry deforming slightly under the preload. Test the bolt on a solid block and I suspect the bending moment will go down.