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Can't find sldworks.tlb

Question asked by Robert Tipton on Jul 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2018 by Robert Tipton

I just setup a Solidworks/API development system on an old Windows 7 system, to do a contract programming job. The language is vanilla C++. I've gotten as far as this point in the example -


#import "sldworks.tlb" raw_interfaces_only, raw_native_types, no_namespace, named_guids  //the SOLIDWORKS type library

#import "swconst.tlb"  raw_interfaces_only, raw_native_types, no_namespace, named_guids  //the SOLIDWORKS constant type library


Neither of these tlbs exist anywhere on my system. I do have the Edm.tlb and EPDMResultCodes.tlb in the API directory.

I followed the setup instructions (2018 SOLIDWORKS API Help - SOLIDWORKS API Getting Started Overview ) as closely as possible (using "SolidWorks API SDK.msi") but at step 4 there was no "Type Page" and no way to choose what got installed. I'm not sure this had any effect as this seems to install a bunch of C# and VB templates which aren't used by C++ anyway.


It also appears the language isn't the issue as the tlbs would be required for any language.


I must have missed a step somewhere, or perhaps I have the wrong license (my reseller assured me that wasn't the case).


Any help would appreciated


Bob Tipton