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    How to update data in the form of task pane

    Jack Qu



      I create a form with edit boxes and buttons and add it in the task pane. I can edit data and click button to update model, or click button to get data from model. My question is how to automatically update these data in task pane without clicking any button when I open a new model. I guess I should use some mouse event or override some virtual function to update the data in the form. Anybody can give me some suggestions? Thanks.


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          Alex Burnett

          You could subscribe to some events in SW that will tell you when something changes with your document but it will probably take some in depth programming to get them working the way you want. Each document type has its own event list. You'll have to figure out what type of document is open and then subscribe to the events that tell you when something has updated in such a way that you need to refresh your task pane.


          A list of document events is below. You should be able to find these classes in the API metadata as your program.