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Specific assembly crashes when opened as resolved, but can open as lightweight and then be set to resolved. How to avoid needing extra steps here?

Question asked by L. Winiarski on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2018 by L. Winiarski

Hi! I've got an assembly I'm working on that started crashing my SW2016 a couple days ago whenever I tried to open it. I'd had an issue where most of the references got updated somehow, in this assembly and a sister one that shares many of the same part files, and I had to go back through and redirect each part reference to come from our server instead of the folder on my desktop I had it in. The assemblies are all set now, fully defined and everything, but whenever I try to open either of these, it pops up and loads for a few seconds before crashing with just a windows dialogue (no SW popup asking if I want to forward a crash report or anything.)


If I set either assembly to open as lightweight from the Open dialogue, it loads just fine in a few seconds, and then I can set them all to resolved from there without any crashing; this just happens when opening as resolved. I know it's technically no longer an issue, but it'd be great to not have to go through that process every time we want to open the assembly. Anyone run into this before?