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    Export BOM to SAP

    Alexis Ster



      I am currently an intern in Bosch automotive solution in Stockport. I wanted to know if there is any plug-in or software that can convert the Solidworks BOM into an SAP Format. Thank you for your help.


      Best regards,


      Alexis STER

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          Steve Calvert

          Actually, I'd like to know the same for Oracle


          Steve C

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            Dan Pihlaja

            A BOM in SW is basically an excel file (at least, getting it to excel format is simple).


            I did a google search and, while there is a heck of a lot of information about exporting from SAP to EXCEL, I couldn't find a single hit on how to go from EXCEL to SAP.  This probably has more to do with me not fully understanding what SAP is, but there you have it.

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              Marcus Wormald

              You may have to convert the Excel-based BoM to a text file before importing into SAP, have a read here ..


              Importing Data from a Microsoft Excel File - SAP Documentation


              I don't use SAP myself so haven't tried it in the field so to speak.

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                Jerome De San Nicolás



                have you a PDM ?

                If yes you could export BOM to .xml format, witch can be import to SAP.


                I don't know how the SAP import works (we got someone here who is in charge of this) but exporting from PDM is easy.

                You have to find what SAP is willing to "eat" after that cooking the file is quite easy. (event without PDM you "could" do it whit a macro)


                I don't think there is a magical way to do it, all depend on the SAP configuration, is there any specific / mandatory field ?, how give the part Number (SAP, SolidWorks?) ? ....


                I'm not an SAP expert, but I can help you on SolidWorks.

                Check your import template in SAP, configure the export rule in PDM (or if you don't have one code a macro to export the BOM in a good formatting) then import the test file IN A TEST DATABASE !!!!

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                    Steve Calvert

                    In order for .xml to be exported, doesn't the mapping need to be the same going into SAP (or Oracle, in my case)?   We have Smarteam now and can get .xml data out but our Smarteam fields aren't the same as the Oracle fields now, so they won't map properly, I think.


                    Thanks for your help


                    Steve C

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                        Jerome De San Nicolás

                        Yes formatting is key.


                        I'll try to be clear !

                        I don't know very well SAP (and Oracle not at all!) but in Sage you have to make an import template. The order of the field is important.

                        something like this :

                        item;description;mass;massunit;date; ......      you can put all the fields you want to be imported here.


                        then your import file need to follow the impot template, some thing like this.


                        0123456-ABC;Ø 15 bearing;8.2;T;02/05/2004;..... 


                        in this quick example the import will do :


                        filed                    value

                        item                     0123456-ABC

                        description          Ø 15 bearing

                        mass                   8.2

                        massunit             T

                        date                    02/05/2004



                        the extension of the file is important, but you can imagine using xml, csv, txt ......

                        watch out for the mandatory fields (item number, description ...) and the limit of the ERP (description is 40 digit max for example)

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                      Bjorn Hulman

                      I was looking into this early this year. It depends on what you want to pay for it. The likes of https://www.qbuildsoftware.com/ looked good. But I got side-tracked at a point.

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                        Alexis Ster

                        Hi everyone,

                        Thank you all for your help. We just found that our version of SAP can't support our engineering BOMs because of some reference field. So we will try to stock them in a PDM. Is it possible from SW (We have Cadence and Eplans BOMs too) ?