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    Selct Color Scheme

      I'm running SW2007x64 SP# 1.1

      After looking for the icons, they too are missing from my Standard Toolbar.
      At least, the Screen Capture is available from the Drop-Down.

      I am sure I didn't remove it and I can verify, it is not possible to re-add it to the toolbar.

      So I am betting it is a bug that removes it from the standard toolbar.

      Rudy Escobar CSWP
        • Selct Color Scheme
          Maybe the next SP will correct it. Thank for your input.

          • Selct Color Scheme
            I just upgrated to SW2007 SP1.1 and I mistakenly removed the Select Color Scheme and Screen Capture Buttons off my Standard Tool bar. I know the I can go to Tools, Customize, Commands and it should display the buttons to which I can drag to the tool bar, but it is not shown. Can anybody help me.