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Drawing view component line weight

Question asked by Harry Butler on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by Harry Butler

Hi all,

I frequently find the need to single out a particular drawing view and change the visible edge line weight from our default .3mm to .1mm. The method I'm using now is to right click on the assembly or part components in the FeatureManager Design Tree (see attached) and then adjust the line weight in the Component Display Properties dialogue box. This works well but can be a bit tedious so am wondering if anyone would be so kind as to create a macro that would allow me to simply click inside the desired Drawing View bounding box, tap on a button to convert all the visible edge lines in that view to .1mm? It's a big ask I know, but I'm completely illiterate when it comes to the writing or editing of code in macros.


many thanks in advance