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    License Idle time question

    Dustin Arp

      A couple questions about implementing a "timeoutall" to the license manager server to help curb our license usage.


      1. Are there any parameters to specify pools/users/etc?

      2. How does this look on the client end? Does it force close solidworks/edrawings?

      3. What would happen if an engineer had an unsaved part open when they hit the idle timer?  

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          Jeff Niederman

          Hi Dustin,


          With TIMEOUTALL, you can't target specific users or groups.


          It is an inactivity timeout and not a forced timeout.  If a user is actively using SOLIDWORKS, then the timeout feature does not kick them off.

          The inactivity timeout is actually silent to the user.  A user will not necessarily know that the timeout has taken their license.  It is silently returned to the license pool.  If licenses are available when the user returns, then the license will get reclaimed silently.  The user would never know it happened, but  you can see the activity in the lmgrd.log file.

          There are no notifications in SOLIDWORKS unless the last license was snatched up by someone else while you were away. Then, you will get a message that you have no available licenses, you'd get prompted to save, and then you'd have to shut down.


          You can tune timeout in seconds.  900 seconds (15 mins) is the minimum. Setting it too low might cause people to lose their licenses while they are away for short breaks.  Too high and you are not using your licenses as efficiently as you might.  Note: SOLIDWORKS already times out after 2 hours of inactivity without the option.


          Hope this helps.


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            Wayne Schafer

            We use the timeout function here at the Super K.  We have 20 licenses with 50+ people who have access to those licenses.  Before the timeout function was put in place I was getting calls all the time from people not being able to get a license.  Now with the timeout function in place I very seldom get a call about no licenses available.  We have ours set for 900 seconds.  Before the timeout function we had people login in at the start of the day and sitting on a license even though they only needed for an hour or two that day but they were so afraid of not getting license they would sit on one all day.

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              Jerome De San Nicolás


              you can make different time out on different licence type or user group.



              this dose not close Solidworks, it just free the licence, if the user come back, the licence server will check if there is an avariable licence, if yes no problem, the user can continue working. If not, I think the user will be prompt to save his works, then the program will shut down (if someone could confirm this part?).



              There is an example whit my opt file.






              GROUP Viewers xxx.xxx yyy.yyy                     # xxx.xxx and yyy.yyy are the users name

              #GROUP Projet

              #GROUP BE





              EXCLUDE swepdm_cadeditorandweb GROUP Viewers               # group viewers cannot take a PDM CAD editor licence

              #EXCLUDE swepdm_cadeditorandweb GROUP Projet

              #MAX 4 swepdm_cadeditorandweb GROUP Projet




              TIMEOUT swepdm_cadeditorandweb 900

              TIMEOUT swepdm_contributorandweb 1800

              TIMEOUT swofficepremium 1800

              TIMEOUT swofficepro 1800

              TIMEOUT solidworks 1800