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Hatch layering

Question asked by Collin Smyth on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Glenn Schroeder

Hello all,


I am all done with my project so it is of no particular urgency but I would still like to know for future reference.


I had a few assemblies that consisted of a large panel surrounded by a frame. Since SW only shows edges the panel didn't really show and at a glance it just looked like a drawing of the frame. I have used the hatching tool before on these panels themselves, but never on an assembly. The panel had about an inch of overlap with the frame, but it was supposed to be on the back side of the frame. When I would hatch the panel, the hatch also went through the frame and made an awful overlapping appearance. I tried messing with the layers on the left side of the screen trying to get the panel hatching to go under the frame, but no matter how I set up the layers, the hatching still ended up on top. I ended up turning off the hatch function and decided to hope for the best with not really being able to see the panel.


Any insight as to how to get the hatch to lay where it should would be appreciated. Like I said, I was just curious about this for future reference. Using SW 2015.