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form tool vs forming tool

Question asked by Matt Lombard on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Anna Wood

Ok, I've been an idiot. I've not noticed the difference between FORM tools and FORMING tools. I'm familiar with FORMING tools. It appears there is something else called a FORM tool, which doesn't seem to be documented very well, as it applied to the differences/similarities or why they have two things that have such similar names. Is this a case of just really, really bad word selection, or is there a good reason for this FORM tool, whatever it is? I see they have different file types and I'm guessing the Form tool works like a sketch driven pattern/hole wizard sort of thing. The FORMING tool creates an external reference. Does the FORM tool also create this?


The thing I can't find right now is how to create the *.sldFTP part.[EDIT: ok, I see this is just chosen in the Save As dropdown list]


If anyone can shed some light on this, especially advantages or drawbacks of one vs the other, I'd appreciate it.