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SQL not sarting automaticaly after server restart

Question asked by Mark Schulz on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2018 by Charley Saint

We recently moved our 2017 EPDM professional vault to a new server.  The move was to upgrade the server OS and SQL software to the required level when we upgrade to SW 2018.  After the move we have had a problem with SQL not starting after the server restarts.  I then need to remote into the server and start the SQL service manually even though the service is set to Automatic.  I have checked the dependencies for the various SQL services.  The only dependency is with the SQL agent, and that seems to be set correctly.  Are there any other dependencies I should be looking at?  We are running windows server 2012 and SQL server 2014.  Also How many of the SQL services should be set to automatic in a normal installation?  One other thing that may be relevant is that we went from having the archive server and the database server on separate machines to combining them onto one.



Mark S