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    [request] selection of appearances

    Damir Galic

      Can you please implement something to manage selection a bit better.

      For example cutting plane (same as in SW), "select other" option...


      The problem is if you got like 3 transparent objects and inside you items that need appearance changing...

      Browsing through object tree is not practical because parts are scattered all over. - unless there is an option "show all" to show all invisible parts.

        • Re: [request] selection of appearances
          Scott Ellery

          HI Damir ,


          I am not sure I fully understand what you are asking but there are hot keys for showing and hiding parts.


          CTRL+H will hide what ever part is selected and CTRL+SHIFT+U will unhide any hidden components.


          if it is a visibility thing from SOLIDWORKS that is coming into visualize with no opacity then that is probably easier to tackle in SOLIDWORKS and save out a copy of the assembly with no hidden parts in it, or Select all the Suppressed/Hidden parts and make then visible so you can see then when in visualize.