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Deleting one entity without deleting the others on the same plane! Changing the dimensions after finishing the work !

Question asked by Zhu Weimeng on Jul 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by Zhu Weimeng

Hi , I'm a beginner here but a senior user of AutoCAD.

So a couple of question which might look silly for experienced people:


1- I  finished creating a 3D object with units in cm . How can I change the entire dimensions to mm with less possible hassle?  


2- I drew some entities in one plane . say one line and two ellipses. I want to delete only the line . I select it singularly and in the plot screen its being selected but  the  sketch icon for all the entities in that plane are being selected and all will be deleted if I click on the line only.  there is not such a thing in ACAD or even you can run explode command . Please let me know how can I get rid of this issue.


Thanks in Advance