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    Airfoil simulation

    reeshi pradhan
      I wanna use CosmosFlow to find out the drag and lift coeff. of NACA 0015.
      When I ran the simulation, I got the weired result.
      Do I need to create 3D model of Airfoil to analyse the above parameters.
      and I wanna run simulation for angle of attack 0-15, how can I do this?

      Cord = 1m
      span length = 1m
      angle of attack = 10
        • Airfoil simulation
          Bill McEachern
          try the tutorial on flow over a cylinder. Thsi is pretty straight forward and the results line up with the Theory of Wing Sections. See attached pic. Yes you need a solid model. Control alpha with the vel components is hte recommended approach. At high alpha you may need autoadaptive mesh to captuer separation correctly. Use moderate R'number - less than say 6 million and preferably less than 2 million.