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Patterning with surface appearance (all such instances)

Question asked by Ben Ben on Jul 10, 2018
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I created an example just to illustrate my question.


I created a part with a simple Fillet feature. I then add a surface appearance to the Fillet.



I then circular pattern the body. resulting in the surface appearance also being patterned.



My problem is, from here how can i change the surface appearance of the fillet and have it apply to "all such instances"?

Even if i roll back to the fillet, apply the surface, then roll forward again it does not pattern the surface appearance.



There is an option to remove the surface appearance from the fillet and "all such instances"

Am I missing the option to apply it to "all such instances" somewhere?



On this example it is no big deal to delete the CirPattern, change the appearance, then CirPattern again.

But in something more complex (see below) it is out of the question.

Complex Star.JPG


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