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Question asked by Jack John Frahm on Jul 9, 2018
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I just spent 6 hours with our tech support company trying to sort out why Solidworks would not work. I came in this morning to a notification from Microsoft that I had updates that were needed to be installed when I opened Micorsoft Outlook. This was not an email, but a pop up window from Microsoft, so not a virus (well Microsoft sometimes acts like a ...) When I clicked on the update button, nothing seemed to happen. I then by my standard operating procedure, restarted my computer since it had gone through a new update. When I went to open Solidworks, after restarting, I got the VBE6EXT.OLB error when it got to the Initializing VBA Engine step.


The IT "help" spent 6 hours updating Microsoft and Dell software since I had not had any updates run for over 3 years. I never manually check because we are on a  service with our IT company and are tasked with leaving are PC on 24-7 so they can do IT things after I go home!  No thye do not push Microsoft updates and I should have been doing this manually. Since when? If I have to do all the updates to keep my PC optimized, why is management paying for an IT service?


He then bulldozed on to uninstalling and reinstalling Solidworks without asking me first. Tried opening a Microsoft Word document to communicate and he kept closing it before I could type anything. Afraid I was going to lose what I have on my C drive but Had the backup on a network location.


When he was done running through his SOP, Solidworks still does not work and I have a bunch of widgets on my PC now that I did not want or need before from Microsoft. He punted to a higher level IT person who is suppose to come by on Wednesday and that is where I cut them off. Did what I should have done from the beginning and searched the forums. Found Ooooops. "'VBE6EXT.OLB' could not be loaded."  and edited my registry with the file that is in the string. Solidworks now works, but I get a funky  "User Account Control" pop up where I have to click YES I agree to allow Solidworks to make changes to my computer.


Why? Solidworks did not do this before when I would open it.


Another issue is inside Solidworks I can not find mapped drives. I had to remap to the drive where my files where backed up. So now in Microsoft Explorer I have two network locations to the same place.


I can at least work but it feels like it's patched together with zip ties and duct tape.


Feed back desired. Please and thank you!