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Graphical error in Assemblies.

Question asked by Greg Leaman on Jul 10, 2018

Have a new issue today that has not happened before. No settings have been changed between before the issue and the issue happening. Essentially, Whenever I go to mate an object in my assembly (Doesn't matter which file I use) the minute Solidworks makes the first component transparent after selecting a mating surface, It begins to "ghost" the component causing the object to appear multiple times repeating depending on how I rotate / move the camera. After trying to troubleshoot this for an hour or two i also noticed that the same graphical bug is caused by selecting components that are hidden from view when they are brought into view temporarily while you have them selected.


Attached is a screenshot of the issue. The more I move or rotate the camera the more of the screen the components "ghosting" will cover. 


Things i've tried: Updated graphics drivers to those that are Solidworks certified. Did the registry refresh bringing Solidworks back to 100% default settings. Opened the same assemblies on a different computer with the extra same edition of Solidworks without any issue. Tried multiple assemblies and they all have the same result.


Using Solidworks 2018. and an AMD Radeon Pro WX 3100