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Utilities to UPPER/lower case text for notes, dimensions, tables, custom properties, etc.

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Jul 10, 2018

EDIT 08/03/2018:

I've updated this utility to use multiple presses of F2 only instead of F2 then F3 (F2 only was my original intent, but I didn't know how to achieve it until recently).

It's now called "F2-F2UPPER.exe" and this is its screen when it's first loaded (& only when it's loaded):

Same as F2-F3, except you double tap F2 to uppercase selected text before the timer runs out (which is now reduced to a 1/4 second).

You can tap F2 more than twice and still get uppercase.

As before, if you press F2 only once and the timer expires, you get a "regular" F2.

Also as before, this works on selected text anywhere it's selected (inside or outside of SW).


Also attached is "F2-F2UPPER-F2lower.exe" which is as above, except the third (or more) F2 converts selected text to lowercase.

Since there's a potential need for three F2's, the timer expires in 400 milliseconds instead of 250.

Other than that, it works as above.

It too has a screen on startup that explains its function.


For those who primarily require lowercase, also attached is "F2-F2lower-F2UPPER.exe" which lowercases on F2 #2 and uppercases on #3 (or more).


The original F2-F3 utility is still attached.





EDIT 08/03/2018:


Hello all,


Attached is a utility that will change selected text to UPPERCASE.

To use, (with the utility running), select some text and then press F2 followed by F3 (don't hold down F2 while pressing F3).


There is a timer built in so your normal F2 function will occur if F3 isn't pressed before the timer runs out.

So, if you want the normal F2, simply do nothing but wait out the timer.


Also, while on this timer, if you press Escape, you will abort everything including the normal F2 function.


The default delay is 0.75 seconds, but you can change this by passing another time value as the first command line parameter (run from a batch file, for example: F2-F3Upper.exe .5).

The minimum delay is 0.25 seconds and any value provided that is less than this will set the timer to the default time.


This is the introductory dialog shown each time the utility starts (if you provide a different delay time, it will be shown here in the first two lines):

This dialog is displayed if you press F2/F3 without first selecting anything (it closes itself in 5 seconds):


In my testing (SW2018, sp2), these entities (in notes) don't like be converted to uppercase:

  • Datum (disappears)
  • GD&T Frame (disappears)
  • Surface finish symbol (disappears)
  • Weld symbol (disappears)
  • Bulleted/Numbered notes
    • Bullets/Numbers and indentation disappear, text remains and is converted


Selected linked dimensions and properties inside notes remain, but are not converted. Convert the dim/property itself to reflect in the note.

The common symbols, such as CL, +/-, diameter remain if selected and converted (they don't change, but they don't disappear).


If you're not sure, select around something that you think or know won't like being converted.


SW is increasing its uppercase functionality with each release, but this utility works on notes, dimensions (select in Dimension Text box), table cells, custom properties...basically any text that you can select, independent of the SW version, can be converted.


Because of this, it can be used for any program that doesn't offer uppercase conversion, such as MS Excel and Notepad.

(I used this utility to convert the "UPPERCASE" that's in the first line of this post.)


Right-click the green icon in the Notification area and select Exit to end the utility.


I hope you find this utility useful.


If you have any issues, please let me know.