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Rotate View w/MMB looses grip

Question asked by Anton Ivanov on Jul 9, 2018
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I have been experiencing something that is kind of annoying and I don't know how to solve for it.
When I rotate a model with the middle mouse button (MMB), unpredictably, the model stops rotating and unpredictably goes back to rotating. I have been observing and it looks like while the MMB is pressed down and I am rotating the model at some point the cursor is trying to select parts of the model and temporary switches off the rotation; like it gets confused and forgets that it is in rotation mode.  The cursor indicator also changes from the rotation icon to the white arrow or surface and edge icons. I am using a mouse that I have used for many years (WowPen Joy) on a Dell Precission workstation with no problems but now I am on a ThinkPad P50. I work with two mice, one for each hand, and interestingly it only happens to the WowPen mouse and not to the portable Logitech. I had a different upright mouse and it was doing the same thing. Thinking that it is the mouse, since the small Logitech is ok, I exchange the upright mouse for another upright mouse (the WowPen that I have currently) but the same problem persisted. Has anyone experienced and dealt with this successfully?

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