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Is anyone else having a mouse wheel issue with this website?

Question asked by Dan Pihlaja on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2018 by Dan Pihlaja

This happened before, but mysteriously went away.   Now it is back.

Basically, when I open a thread, and then use my mouse wheel to scroll down, then scrolling function locks up.   I can type, and click buttons in the thread, but I can no longer scroll.  When this happens I can't even scroll using the arrow buttons or the slider bar on the right.


I have found 2 solutions to this:  1) If I am typing in a thread, then if I CUT my typing and then PASTE it back in, it unlocks the scrolling.

2) If I am not editing a thread, then I have to refresh the page.


But, if I go back to using my mouse wheel to scroll, it locks up again.


If I ONLY use the slider bar on the right or the arrow keys, then I don't have this issue at all.


This ONLY happens with this website.  I have tested it out on many other websites and there is no issue.   I have tested it out in other programs and there is no issue.


Anyone else seeing this behavior?


Edit: I am using IE11.