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Limit Access to Folder & Access With Macro Only

Question asked by Keaton Warn on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by Jacob Corder

I am building a macro that saves engineering files to network directories/folders. However, I do not want network users to to be able to go into these folders and delete/restructure the contents. To fix that, we will be locking the permissions on these folders so people can only read the contents. However, this means that the macro will not be able to save new files to these folders.


To fix that, I want to create a new network user account that is allowed to write to these folders and have the macro enter the login credentials for writing to these folders.


1.) Is this possible? After a fair bit of Googling I am still not completely sure.

2.) If it is possible, how would I implement this? I'm not sure what code I would need to access the Windows API calls needed for this. Also, I do not know of a reliable way to trigger the credential requirement for the folder for whenever the macro is run on a network connected workstation - I will be discussing this with IT soon hopefully.


Thank you in advance for suggested directions to take on this.