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How permanently add signature to solidworks??

Question asked by Piotr Rubik on Jul 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2018 by Casey Bergman



What is best way to add permanently signature to Model? We have two guys making models for machining process and they making mistakes all the time and we don't know which one creates model, they won't admit who create model. So what is best way to stamp, engrave, markup model with somone initials so it will appear on different software when we tool path the job?


Have tried flat surface but it just blend together with model and can be deleted on different software. So that not ok.

Best way i can imagine is cut letters on one of faces so it will not disturb toolpathing the model? Macro can be created for this, so it will one click to apply??


Is it better way to do such thing? So we can recognize whose model is it??


Thanks for help