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    World Map of Support for Dave Bear

    Todd Blacksher

      Good Morning Everyone,


      As you may or may not know, our buddy Dave Bear underwent a serious surgery over the weekend.

      For more information about the surgery, please take a look at this thread - Thank You All...............

      The SOLIDWORKS Community has really pulled together to recognize and support Dave - Dave Bear is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Power User


      I think that it would be a wonderful idea to show Dave and his family just how many people from ALL OVER THE WORLD are pulling for his recovery.


      After SLUGME last year, I made a map to show all of the user groups that had participated -

      SLUGME 2017 Recap


      I would like to do the same thing for Dave - Just leave a comment with your location, and I will add it to the map.


      EDIT: Just so everyone knows - I will probably work on "adding pins to the map" after I get home from work. I will post updates as I go, so that everyone can see the progress. After a week or two, I'll post a final image, and run it on a large format printer to send to Dave and his family.


      I'll get this started:

      Lincoln, Nebraska


      EDIT: I'm working on getting a "print-ready" version of the map, I have attached a few pdfs showing the map and a list of cities.



      HUGE Thanks to John Stoltzfus for putting the finishing touches on the map and making it AWESOME! The file is ready to be plotted on a large format printer - Should work great with a 36" wide paper roll. If anyone does print it, please post a picture of the finished product!

      Note: I was not able to attach the file (apparently there was to much awesomeness . . .)

      So here is a link to the file on Dropbox - Dropbox - Daves Map-Final.JPG

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