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No Enable radio button for ANSI screw clearance holes in the Hole Wizard?

Question asked by Aaron Hayden on Jul 9, 2018

The ANSI screw clearance holes in the Hole Wizard configurator don't have the Enable radio button like the tapped, countersink, and counterbore holes do. We have setup our Hole Wizard in such a way that the ANSI sizes are the coarse threads and standard sizes (i.e. M3, M4 M5, M6, M8.... etc). We have removed the fine thread and oddball sizes (M2.5, M3.5, M6.5, M7.... etc) and put them in a copied version of the standard. This keeps the ANSI list shorter (easier to pick from) and cuts down on people accidentally selecting a fine thread or oddball size. If they truly need one of those less common threads they have to use the copied version of the standard to get them. Long story short, I can't disable the oddball size straight clearance holes. Anyone know of a way to disable specific ANSI straight clearance holes? I can delete items from the clearance hole list, but the save button remains greyed (or grayed if your prefer) out even when logged in.