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    How to repair a damaged file .cdr

    George Goodnight

      Good day. The following problem has occurred: the files that were restored after deletion are corrupted .cdr. Page thumbnails are visible (but not all), and the files themselves are not opened. Please tell me how to fix it. I tried using Recovery Toolbox for CorelDraw, but without a key the recovered files are not saved. Perhaps there is some alternative???....Most of the practice report is in these documents, cat. I should have passed yesterday!!! SOS, please help...

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          Gale Lee

          Corel Draw creates a backup file of your drawings in case of unexpected software crashes. Crashes can occur as a result of a too many programs running at once, or a computer overheating. The backup file has an extension of .BAK and is created to help you recover corrupt or lost files.

          • Click “Start” located at the bottom of the screen and then click “Computer.” Windows Explorer launches.
          • Navigate to the C:/Program Files/Corel/Programs/Draw folder.
          • Double-click the .BAK file that matches the file name you are trying to recover. Your file launches in Corel Draw.
          • Click “File” from the top menu and then select “Save As.” Select “Corel Draw” in the “File Type” field and click “Save.”
          • or you can try to use repair corel draw file , nice paid service , i wish you good luck !