Peter Nichols

CircuitWorks Import Problem

Discussion created by Peter Nichols on Feb 25, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2009 by Paul Boswell
I get a "No Geometry" message when importing an Orcad IDF file into CircuitWorks (see attachment).
I have sent the problem to my VAR (NTCADCAM) and received the following:


At the moment the problem with this file set is that each instance of the missing components does not have a corresponding entry in the library file (.emp) for each part number. For example the "SM/CAPC1608M" component has multilple entries in the .emn file with different part numbers 100nF, 10nF, 47pF etc. In order for CircuitWorks to find the geometry the part numbers must also match or there must be a seperate entry in the .emp file for each different part number. This has been changed in SolidWorks 2009 SP3.0 so once this service pack is available the customer will be able to set their CircuitWorks options to link the .emp and .emn files by component name only instead of by both component name and part number

The thing is CW is already set to link by Name Only, so I do not understand the answer. I did not notice this problem with earlier service packs, I am running 2009 SP2.0, so suspect there is a problem with the software.
I need to build CircuitWorks assemblies NOW! not when SP3 surfaces.
Can anyone offer any help?