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PhotoView 360 problem, It cannot find Solidworks License

Question asked by Rick Goeldi on Jul 8, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2018 by Rick Goeldi

Solidworks 2010 SP4.0.

PhotoView 360 problem, It cannot find Solidworks License. It does not show-up in the Solidworks Professional Add-in's. Photoview 360 works fine in my 10 year old Laptop using windows 10. Can't get it to work with my new computer. I am going to retire next month and I just use SW2010 for home projects, so I don't have a maintenance contract. Using SW2018 at work I have been using SW since 1996.


July 09, 2018

I transferred my SW License back to my 10yr old laptop to look at the Product Activation and Add-Ins pages. They are the same as the new computer, but PhotoView 360 works on the laptop. See attachments