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Help regarding CSWA exam

Question asked by Hashim Mansoor on Jul 8, 2018

Hello everyone. 


I am planning to sit for my CSWA exam very soon - probably by next week. I have few questions regarding the format of the exam, I'll be glad if someone who already sat for CSWA exam can answer my questions.


1.  Drafting competencies section: I have read on different websites that this section will contain 3 questions worth 5 marks each. What kind of questions are in this section - are all three questions based on general drawing views (projected, section, break, crop etc.), or are there any general questions too about the Solidworks user interface? I came across this practice exam last night (practice exam not a past exam!) in which the first section of drafting competencies consisted of questions like 'How to change the drawing scale in the drawing section of the Solidworks'. Can someone please help me with sorting out this confusion.


2. Assembly section: This section will consist of 4 questions worth 30 marks each - out of these 4 questions 2 are dimension modification questions (correct me please if I am wrong). In any question of this section do we have to create the part too or all the parts which we have to assemble are given?


3. Passing mark: To pass CSWA exam, candidate has to score minimum of 165 out of 240. Is this exam divided into 2 parts? Part 1 is 90 minute long and minimum passing score is 80 with 6 questions, part 2 is also 90 minute long with a minimum passing score of 80 with 8 questions. Is this information correct? I can't see this on the official Solidworks website.  (I have attached screenshot of reference of this information under here. Taken from David C. planchard book; official guide to CSWA exam)  


Thanks everyone