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    Dimension font sizes for A4-A0

    Rainier Joubert
      Can anybody tell me what "Dimension font sizes" to use for the different sizes drawing documents - varying from A4 up to A0? Is there maybe an ISO standard where these things are listed? I'm currently setting up new drawing templates and would like to do it right!
        • Dimension font sizes for A4-A0
          Christopher Mueller
          You should use a font height of 3.5 mm (don't use the points option for the font). In Sweden at least, this is the standard height for text notes in the A0-A4 formats. (Probably the same in the rest of the EU)

          If there is an iso standard where these things are listed, you would have to purchase the standard only to find that the standard you purchased refers to some other standard on text height that you have to purchase to find out what the proper text height is

          There may be a book on drawing standards that you can get your hands on at a library. Ask some other people at your company (usually the guys close to retirement) if they have any documents about drawing standards.
          • Dimension font sizes for A4-A0
            Eddie Cyganik


            I agree with Christopher's suggestions. the minimum is actually 3mm. We use Century Gothic/Regular 3.5 (unit size) for; Dimensions, Tolerance, Notes, Table Data, BOMs, Balloons, Surface Finish Symbols & Weld Symbols. We use Century Gothic/Bold 5 (unit size) for; Section & Detail Letters, View Arrows & All View Captions.

            ISO 5457 - Technical product documentation - Sizes and layout of drawing sheets.

            ISO 3098-0 - Technical product documentation - Lettering

            If you have any other general question I can look up just about anything drawing related.

            For complete standards and/or specification, refer to the ISO website.