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Error when trying to save a .STEP file

Question asked by Prajwal Jagadish on Jul 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2018 by Paul Salvador


I am a user of Solidworks 2018-2019 Student edition. Ever since I upgraded from 2017. I've been having some weird errors that I have never seen before. One of them sometimes occurs whenever I try saving something. It says that there is sharing violation occurred while accessing a certain file. The address of the file is C:\Users\Prajwal\AppData\Local\Temp\swx20476\_ViewAnimData.xml. But since I share the computer I use, the AppData Folder is located C:\Users\Default.migrated. And also in the Local folder located in the C:\Users\Default.migrated\AppData, there is no temp folder. There is only Microsoft folder. For most part I have found ways to save such as just pressing save as instead of save everytime. There is also another error I have been having. Whenever I try to save a large step file of a robot assembly that I had already opened, I get both the Sharing violation error and an error that says Failed to Save Document. I have only had this error when i try to save this assembly. I have been able to save other step files which are smaller assemblies. I will link pictures to show the errors.


Thank you for the Help