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Is a mold for this part even possible?

Question asked by Ray Fletcher on Jul 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by Gaurav Bansal

Hi. My name is Ray. I live in Work in Georgia.


I am working on a personal project for a mold. The part you see here (and I have attached a sldprt. as well below), is part of a larger assembly. What is here however is the only part that I am going to need to build a mold for. I have completed several courses on mold injection design, but this one is a little more complicated. I am not asking anyone to complete the work for me, just that if you have any insight.


Where I am getting stuck is in the shut off surfaces step. Also, there is an interior portion that cannot be easily seen on the image that is sort of an inaccessible undercut, for lack of better words. taptestsec.JPG


I thank you for any help that you can offer.


Ray Fletchertaptest.JPG