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Draw an arc of unknown angle and extrude?

Question asked by Nelson Lopes on Jul 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2018 by Nelson Lopes

Hoping someone might please be able to assist me with a part I'm having to design.  Short story - I have an old "model" pirate pistol (got it from Disney when I was a kid many years ago) & was showing it to my son who accidentally dropped it and broke the hammer that gets cocked back.  I can't repair what broke as it appears to be cast iron and the parts were press fitted   Anyhow, I took the mechanism apart and have measured the part the best I can with my calipers and am redesigning it in SolidWorks so I can 3D printer a new plastic part which I believe will work fine.


I'm new to Solidworks and have no formal training yet so please excuse my drawing that I'm attaching.  I have the entire shaft created and the only thing I need to do is create what appears to be a "CAM" like feature on it.  I have no idea how to do this?  I have measurements, but no angles, etc. to somehow create this arc.  I'm also including some pictures of the part with hopes that it helps to understand what I've created and what I need assistance with.


If someone would kindly add this to my drawing and explain how they did it or provide detailed instructions on how to do that, I'd greatly appreciate the help!  Thank you very much.


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